Arguably the king of all exercises the deadlift is an awesome movement for golf! How’s picking a weight off of the ground going to help my golf game?  The deadlift does a wonderful job of building the glutes which is a major muscle in the golf swing. According to TPI if the glutes are weak it can contribute to most of the 12 common swing characteristics in a person’s game.


The deadlift is quite technical but consists of you picking a weight up off the floor. Make sure to keep your back in a neutral position, brace and pull the weight off the floor while maintaining posture through the lift.  As a side note make sure you can touch your toes before deadlifting from the floor.  That is a prerequisite for this movement and ensures you have proper mobility before you start the exercise.


In order of helping your golf game I recommend in training for strength with the deadlift.  That means you’ll focus on performing 5 quality repetitions for 4 sets.  As you progress (i.e. as the weight gets easier) consider adding more weight until the 4-6 week mark. At that point you’ll need to decide on what other major lift(s) and/or deadlift variation(s) you’ll want to focus on next for your next training cycle.  It’s important to focus on the quality of the lift and maintain proper form throughout the movement.

The deadlift is a great movement to consider to help drastically improve your golf game.  Master the deadlift and you’ll be well on your way towards seeing improvements in your golf game.  It helps to improves core control, strengthens the low back, glutes and hamstrings and builds up your grip.  All of these help with the golf swing.

Try it out today and let me know what you think by leaving your comments  below.